Book world


Books are paper-bound wellness retreats for mind and soul.

In collaboration with the long-established “autorenbuchhandlung berlin” (the Autors’ Bookshop in the district of Charlottenburg), KPM Hotel & Residences presents three book titles every month. Each of these books is a page-turner and an invitation to round off your stay in Berlin with a special reading experience.

The booksellers at the “autorenbuchhandlung berlin” are passionate book discoverers. The titles they present bear witness to their keen sense of the preferences of their clientele—and of our hotel guests. To whet your appetite for reading, you will find a short introduction to each of the selected books.

Short Reviews

Julian Barnes, The Man in the Red Coat, Alfred A. Knopf, 2019

The main character of Julian Barnes’s most recent novel is Dr Samuel Pozzi (1846-1918). A well-known doctor, free spirit, and innovative thinker in his own day. For example, he introduced preoperative hygiene regulations in France, and he translated Darwin into French. The British bestselling author Julian Barnes draws a stirring portrait of his protagonist while transporting the reader back to the Paris of the Belle Epoque. The Man in the Red Coat is a thoroughly entertaining read with depth; a book that is hard to put down.

Ottessa Moshfeg, My Year of Rest and Relaxation, Penguin, 2018

The American author Ottessa Moshfeg has already won several prominent literary awards. Her latest book, the crime story My Year of Rest and Relaxation, has all the ingredients that go into establishing smashing sales figures. Once again, the author succeeds in creating a very particular tension and atmosphere that readers find difficult to escape. Here’s a hint: Solving the murder Ottessa Moshfeg unfolds in her novel becomes an obsession for the novel’s main character.

Nicolas Mahler, Ulysses, Suhrkamp 2020 (Currently available only in German)

No need to feel intimidated by the (in)famous title! Nicolas Mahler’s Ulysses manages to intrigue thanks to the lightness and ingenuity with which he retells the now century-old masterpiece of the Irish writer James Joyce. Not as a lengthy text, mind you, but in the form of startlingly apt drawings. Nicolas Mahler has thus created a delightful graphic novel that reimagines and reinterprets the great original work.