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KPM Berlin

“KPM Berlin belongs to my city like the Brandenburg Gate.” – For the tradition-conscious Berlin private banker Jörg Woltmann, saving the Royal Porcelain Manufactory founded by the Prussian King Frederick II in 1763 was a matter close to his heart. 13 years later, the successful businessman and sole KPM shareholder has added an extra touch of glamour to the luxury brand of KPM Berlin: The eagerly awaited soft opening of the new KPM Hotel & Residences took place on 16 September 2019.

Far beyond standard

Founding director Tobias Berghäuser shares Jörg Woltmann’s passion for KPM. The great name and the legendary manufactory’s claim to the highest quality and style-defining design carry an obligation for the experienced hotel business manager. With its modern, contemporary flair, KPM Hotel & Residences offers its guests comprehensive comfort and the best possible service. In short: the essentials in perfection.

With its innovative concept, KPM Hotel & Residences sets new standards in terms of individuality that are “far beyond standard.” Jörg Woltmann and Tobias Berghäuser both share the conviction that, in the premium hotel industry with its discerning clientele, professional individual service is the measure of all things. Accordingly, at KPM Hotel & Residences, great value is placed on details because they make all the difference. KPM Berlin promises the quality of centuries.

Tobias Berghäuser

Tobias Berghäuser Tobias Berghäuser is Managing Director of KPM Hotel & Residences. The experienced hotel business economist is a full professional in the affairs of the hotel trade and gastronomy. For several years, he accompanied the development of the KPM hotel project as a management consultant. And he’s now very delighted with the resounding satisfaction of the guests, since they alone are the yardstick for the success of this innovative hotel concept.

Jörg Woltmann

Jörg Woltmann, successful businessman and sole shareholder of the luxury brand KPM Berlin. For the Berlin private banker, who is close to his home, saving the traditional porcelain manufactory was a matter close to his heart. With the successful market entry of the KPM Hotel & Residences and the now successful completion of the KPM Quarter, a long cherished dream has come true for the hotel expert.